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This site cant be reached

iam having a problem accessing most movie streaming sites. Before i had no problems. The message i get is....

This site can’t be reached
lookmovie.io’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.


I tried using a dns changer, nothing. I tried rebooting, nothing. Rebooting router doesnt help either. How to resolve it? Thanks
Thx for replying bro. I was wondering why that site gave me suggestion to use a vpn viewing it. If it was taken down or no rights using it, then im ok with thier decision. Ill try looking for another site that is deemed "legal" i dont have the means to pay by the month watching movies online. Cheers

Edit, after doing some researching...it is clear to me most sites look legit but in reality they are streaming illegally. Ive decided to go with my isp and am in process of getting hbo/showtime deal. That way it is a safer alternative
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