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thought i would give this a whirl :)


May 21, 2011
hellooooooooooooo everyone,,, just got a new phone and its fab ( galaxy apollo) yes i'm a bloke, yes i've got mi feet up on the sofa chilling but we all cant be perfect lol.. i'm 44 but who gives a rats ass eh? ,,Dont spose anyone knows why i cant receive audio on my video clips received do they? .. anyway,have a good un everyone yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
by eck, yer all a happy bunch on ere :), oh and ty to Martimus, havnt got a scooby doo what that means but ty anyway :)

According to the spec's on your phone, it has a media player installed that should support the following formats:

* MP4
* DivX
* XviD
* H.264
* H.263

Samsung I5801 Galaxy Apollo - Full phone specifications

When your video file was converted into a digital format it was converted using a CODEC (Coder-Decoder). This program is typically used to encode the video stream into a specified compression format. Some compression formats take up lots of disk space while others take up much less disk space. The trade-off between the different formats is the amount of detail stored.

When a codec is used that the player doesn't necessarily understand, you will typically run into challenges of being able to see the video but not hear it... or hear it but not see it.

The typical solution is to either re-encode the video stream in a compatible format... or install (and use) a different media player on your phone, one that supports the codec in question.
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