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Thoughts on superbox app?

I read somewhere online about an app called superbox that is a multipurpose tool for cleaning out cache, monitoring battery, etc. and managing apps... I was hoping to get feedback here on the app...yay or nay? and why? if not this one, which would be better? i'm looking for an app that makes it easy for me to daily clean all my caches and move apps to the sd card, etc.

I tried Superbox a feω months ago and I thought it ωas a good aρρ. But after a ωhile I sωitched to Aρρ Cache Cleaner because it only takes up 104kb. Most of the features from Superbox are already in my Aηdroid Assistant aρρ (372kb). So I uninstalled Superbox because it takes up over 2mb.
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I tried Superbox not long ago and found it to be a tad too clunky for me. All of my current apps already add most of the features it has except for the Task Killer, which the OpV does not need.

If you don't mind my asking, what are you using that covers all the functions? I would love to learn more about apps that are good for "phone maintenance." Thanks!
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