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lg optimus v

  1. A

    Help Help w Dead phone Please

    Ok Optimus V Can't find a similar problem Last night after finally successful winner some bubble burst game that took a month and making a call I hooked up phone to charger for the night in working condition. When I say perfect working condition the home button and screen lock hadn't worked in a...
  2. A

    Help not seen Optimus V Issue

    Ok Can't find a similar problem Last night after finally successful winner some bubble burst game that took a month and making a call I hooked up phone to charger for the night in working condition. When I say perfect working condition the home button and screen lock hadn't worked in a...
  3. U

    Root Android system recovery <3e problem

    Hi I have a LG F100S (LG OPTIMUS VU) The phone is restarting itself sometimes and after uninstalling programs and files the programs and files are coming back. I also tried uninstalling from google play but programs keep coming back. Also my phone is giving warning as Unfortunately xxx...
  4. S

    Help LG Optimus V won't boot

    I have a rooted LG Optimus V that I was attempting to transfer the phone number from and transfer another (already in-use phone number) to it. In the process I have no idea what I did but now when I turn the phone on I get the following: CMN-based Recovery v4.0.1.5 - reboot system now - apply...
  5. samsung s5 joe

    Help card reader

    When I plug a card reader into my samsung S5 all of th pictures show up but when I open one I cannot slide to the next picture.My old samsung was able to do this seems like they went backwards. Sometims I have a lot of trail cam pictures to review and do not want to move them to the phones...
  6. P

    OT - LG Volt on sale for $39.99 at Radio Shack for Black Friday

    If you're thinking about upgrading from an Optimus to a LG Volt, they're on sale for $39.99 on Black Friday (actually starting on Thanksgiving) at Radio Shack. In some ways I think the Optimus is a better phone (sturdier, more ROMs available) but $40 to get a phone with a larger screen, faster...
  7. S

    Lg optimus vm760 ROM

    I just got this phone it is a old lg optimus vm760 i have root and custom recovery.. But I can NOT find any roms to flash for this phone and what Roms I have found all have bad links and can't download.. Any help would be greatly appreciated....
  8. sushifor5

    Root Link2sd not autolinking after ROM flash...

    OK, I thought I figured out all my flashing woes from last night, but all is not well. I'm following the Link2sd tutorials, but when I go in to do batch restore in TiBU, my Link2sd is not autolinking...even though I have the box checked...I'm having to do it all manually, and TiBU is being...
  9. sushifor5

    Root Did Anyone Know AndyOpie Passed Away?

    I just rec'd a PM from his daughter b/c I had been in a PM conversation with Andy but hadn't heard from him in a while...apparently he passed away in August! Wow...he was such an awesome man and such a wonderful help to me and a fantastic addition to this forum!!! Prayers going out to his family!
  10. sushifor5

    Root Help, Link2sd error after new ROM

    OK, tonight I switched from my froyo Harmonia with Link2sd to gingerbread Harmonia...I changed my recovery to zengarden, I followed all the wipe instructions. I thought that I partitioned my SD-ext with the zengarden recovery to ext4. But when I put Link2sd on my phone, after putting on the...
  11. sushifor5

    Root Which version of Zengarden?

    I'm prepping to switch from froyo Harmonia to Gingerbread ROM with Link2sd, Andy has helped me a lot with instructions...I think I want to switch my recovery to ZenGarden so I can change my partition to ext4 with the recovery, as I can't do it on my Mac. But when I go to the Zengarden download...
  12. H

    Root Can my rooted optimus be activated?

    Carrier would be Virgin Mobile. Basically I switched over to a Samsung Galaxy and want to give the optimus to my kid. I can log into VM and do a swap from his current phone to the optimus but don't know if I'll run into problems. Someone from this forum walked me through the entire root process...
  13. fearfeasog

    Help Transferring contacts

    is there a way to sync your "phone only" contacts with a new phone? or transfer them somehow as a batch? since they don't sync with google it seems impossible. I have an OPV rooted running BACKside. thnks, ff
  14. nickabbasi1

    Is anybody using this phone as just a Media Player?

    The Optimus V was my first smart phone / Android Device; you could say it was my first 'phone' love. I've sinced retired it and moved on to the LG Volt (awesome phone) But ... has anybody tried using their Optimus V as just a media player for, like, their car? Thoughts / suguestions?
  15. J

    Help After factory reset - cannot add my Google account to phone

    I have an old LG model# VM670. I think it was also called the LG Optimus V. Anyway I want to use it at work for Google Play to listen to my library with all my music. I have 2-step verification turned on my google account, but when I add that account to the phone (with the proper password -...
  16. R

    Root Best ROM for a wifi-hotspot and battery life?

    Suggestions welcome. I'm willing to give gingerbread a spin again. I'm using TWRP recovery, so I'll probably need to replace it too...
  17. R

    Root ZV9 upgrade + root without a PC: possible?

    Topic pretty much explains it all. I have limited access to a pc, but my call quality is extremely poor. Thanks.
  18. N

    Help How to transfer SMS messages from Optimus V to LG Volt phone

    Hi, I had LG Optimus V for almost 3 years. Yesterday, I bought a LG Volt from Virgin Mobile. How do I copy all the SMS messages from LG Optimus V phone to LG Volt phone? I appreciate all your help and time. Thank you.
  19. kazclark

    Root Help wanted: root tour guide for a super noob!

    Thanks for all of your help in advance. What i want to do: root my old LG Optimus V to use as a "tablet" for the kids. I previously bought 2 tablets for them through "puzzle pieces" (provide low cost tablets and monthly apps for kids w/autism) but in a month one has a cracked screen and...
  20. M

    Root Best, or least-worst ROM

    My two-year-old Optimus Elite quite literally phoned it in over the weekend. I was surprised to learn I could keep my grandfathered $25 plan with the Optimus V, which came today. I am finding that I cannot install some apps on the new phone due to its version. None are dealbreakers but one will...
  21. P

    Virgin Mobile offering new Optimus Vs for sale!

    I was totally amused to find out that Virgin Mobile's offering brand-new Optimus V phones for sale, at $69.99. It's part of a special promotion for new customers only - $25 per month for unlimited voice and text, but no data. There are nine phones available and they appear to go from $29 to...
  22. gherkaul

    Root [Themes][CM7] 22 ThemeChooser Themes

    I recently came across some old themes I made a year or so ago. By request from a couple of friends (AndyOpie150 and badblue1) here is a collection of themes from sci-fi to mystery, comic book heroes to PC games, animation to simple color changes. I no longer have my mighty little OV so...
  23. M

    Root Guide to unroot, where to get the stock ROM

    Hi everyone, I want to unroot my optimus V. Problem is, I don't know how and the back up I made for the stock ROM got erased by mistake. I can't find a guide out there, anyone can point me the way? Thanks!
  24. B

    Help Optimus not charging/turning on after long period of non use

    I have an old Optimus V that I'd like to use as a spare Android device. It's no good for resale so I may as well use it as a utility. I haven't used this thing in somewhere around 3 years. The battery was fine back then, but obviously it's completely drained now. I want to try to get this...
  25. P

    type of glass

    I'm curious what type of glass (or plastic) is used for the Optimus V screen. Obviously it's not Gorilla Glass, but is it glass or plastic? And does it have any particular coatings? I"m asking mainly in terms of polishing, and potentially buffing out small scratches. Obviously I don't want to...