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Time Card PRO - Keep track of your hours and overtime!

UPDATE 2.0 COMING NEXT WEEK (Feb 3rd, 2010)

New Features Include:
- Multiple Jobs (up to 3)
- Manual Time Entering


Keep track of your long hours on the job with ease with Time Card PRO! Just mark each box on your phone when you clock in and out, and Time Card PRO keeps track of the rest! Time Card PRO records your standard hours, overtime hours, vacation days and sick days, then emails your hours home for your personal records.
I agree, you need to be able to go back to a past date and enter information.

Also, when I tried to select a day in the calendar, the touch screen seemed to be way off. I had to press quite a bit to the left of a day to select the day. Which meant I couldn't select the day in the left-most column at all. I am on the Droid.

I ended up uninstalling this app, since it didn't really do what I needed. Really all I was looking for was something I could use to track my vacation days and any comp time earned/used. I'm not paid hourly, so I don't need something that tracks the specific hours I work. If I did, it would probably be great, although it would still need the ability to go back and add info that already happened.
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Unfortunately, the Apps dont all work the same way on all phones, as this App was created and test on a G1. Sorry about the issues with selection of days. I will address that in the next update, that way it behaves correctly on Droids :)

BUT, you said you wanted it only for keeping track of your vacation/sick days. It keeps track and totals the number of sick days and/or vacation days in the exported results you email to yourself within the app.

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