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Help Timescape Help Please


Jun 10, 2010
Hi, had my X10 only a few months, and it went wrong so got sent back for repair where they completely wiped it. Got it back now, and I am sure it is running a little slower than it was. For example, from the home screen, when I tap on timescape it takes approx 5 secs to open fully ? - I am sure it used to be more or less instantaneous, can somebody try theirs and let me know if it should be faster. Thanks in advance
Thanks for the reply Wooks, I am not sure what build of OS I am on ? - how do I find that out ? - Certainly it has changed very slightly since it was wiped by the warranty repairers, there are a couple of things on their that I did not have before such as "creatouch" (whatever that is ?) - so I dont know if that means it was been updated with a newer version to the one i had ?
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If you go to Settings> About Phone> and then scroll down it will tell you what build number and baseband version you are on.

The most recent update seems to be R2BA026 altho as long as you have got R2BA020 timescape should be faster than on the R1...14 or 16 builds.

It may be worth you going through the PC Companion or SE Update Service and see if there is an update available. (Mine went from 023 to 026 last Friday on the Update Service)

The timescape app I have is a bit slower when you first wake it from turning the phone on, its like it needs to repopulate itself but after that it seems to be fairly fast.

Another thought from a bit of a non techy... are you using a task killer, cos maybe you have loads of apps running and using up memory and I know when I open my Advance Task Master and kill the running apps it gives me a higher memory count.
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I'm also on UK T-mobile. Ran the Sony Update service last night and it upgraded to R2BA026.

When you say you're trying to do the software update, is that using the update on the actual phone or the Sony Update you can use on your PC? My phone has always said I'm on the latest version, but the PC update has said differently!

Just tried running Timescape again now that I've updated and it still only takes about 2 seconds to fully startup.
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ya im on a020. In ontario canada with rogers.

question about the update to 2.1. will I see that update in the 'about phone' menu area under updates to load?

Im new and i always get lost when i have to download stuff. I never know to download from my laptop then transfer to phone using usb cable and even then if i do transfer i never know how to find it and or use it lol.
i love AND hate technology. its weird because im 28 male. should be decent with this stuff haha

also... my facebook seems to update well in TS but my email does not. its checked in the filters too.. any ideas?
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