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Tips for cable management?


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Oct 16, 2011
Some of you may recall that I had started building a pc a few months ago... well its pretty close to done, but it looks like a disaster. I am horrible with my cable management. I got a modular psu to help but it almost seems like its doing the opposite, the cables coming from it are so big and bulky and don't like to do what I want them to do.

Does anyone have any tips and tricks to good cable management?

I feel your pain... Does your case have a accessible cavity between what the motherboard fastens to and the panel of the case underneath that? A sort of false bottom for lack of a better word. The case for the last computer I built I can remove that panel and run the cables through there and fasten the cables with cable ties. That helped clean things up for me but that being said it still doesn't look as good as some examples I've seen on the net. It doesn't help that I didn't buy a modular power supply as you had the foresight to do. :(
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It does, i bought things keeping in mind for cable management, I got the NZXT Phantom because I love the looks and its said to be great for cable management

NZXT Phantom

but with the cables coming from the psu that I feed through the underneath it gets bulky in places and makes it hard to shut the panel when I put it back on. I am about to the point where I am thinking about paying someone to clean it up and make it look nice.

My last computer I built years ago looked perfect inside and that was back before SATA haha so I had IDE ribbons everywhere but still managed to make it look nice, and it was a mid size case.
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