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To Root Or Not? & HOW with cheap Tablet


Dec 22, 2011
HELP! Should I root my tablet?
Should I root my tablet?

I got a cheap tablet from ebay. I know it is not great but it was cheap.

I was wondering if it would be beneficial to root my tablet?(pros vs cons) And if so, how can I root it?...I dont know the brand name or anything like that so it would have to be a rooter that works on cheap Chinese tablets. Also if I were to root my tablet would the apps I am currently using still work? I am really torn on what to do, I want to make sure it is worth it. but as of right now I don't think this tablet comes with the andriod app store and I was told if i root it I will get that as well as better battery time and faster performance. Is this true? please help me make this decision!! thank you!
the specs are here: at (ebay) after that paste this: /itm/Allwinner-7-A10-Cortex-A8-1GHz-Android-2-3-Flash-11-1-5-PT-Capacitive-Tablet-/160702361284?pt=US_Tablets&hash=item256a9b6ec4 THANKS FOR ANY AND ALL HELP!
Generally, yes, the apps would still work - but that would depend on the root method, if it installs a custom rom or if it just roots the current rom.

This isn't meant to be rude or anything, but how do you not know what tablet you bought (make and model)..? If you find that out, you can check for it in the proper sub-forum here. If there is a root method for it, they will know about it. They will also be better able to answer any questions that you have during the process.
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