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tracfone issue


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Jan 3, 2013
i got a tracfone a21 phone and after 90 days i unlocked it and then put a metro sim into it. but i keep the account active and tracfone still thinks the phone is active. as i keep getting new cards for it. i took the tracfone and transferred it to metro pcs with a new number and now i want to get an updated TracFone to put that metro sim in but i can't get past the verification code. i asked them to send the code to the wifes phone and my metro phone number and it fails. so how do it get past that issue? what i want to do is put the tracfone sim back into the a21 phone i got last year and then after 90 days put the metro sim into the a51. i want to get this phone for metro and then get rid of the a21 with a gazilion minutes on it as i'm not using it anymore.

so does anyone know how i can get this done? or if i pick a phone that i have to pay for will that phone get past the verification code? so is there a generic code?
well this is what i did and lets see in a few days. i put the tracfone sim back in the a21 tracfone and it reactivated. i sent photos and text sand calls then i was able to order the a51 and it said i got it but i have yet to get the confirmation email. that may take some time. i went to tracfone to see if it showed as a pending order but it did not. so i will wait for a few days to see if it shows up in the mail. then they told me to test something to 611611 to transfer everything over to that phone. i guess it will be in the box. so i will then transfer the data over to that a51 phone i think it will come with a new sim. then i will put the a21 back on metro for 90 days and then see if i get the text telling me i can unlock the a51 phone. if i do then i will switch it over the metro using the sim from metro and see if i then have the a21 on tracfone and the a51 on metro. i guess time will tell on this. then i will see if i can transfer my data back to the a21 and then sell that phone with all the data on it. it has like 20 years of test calls and lots of data. i do not use the phone much thanks
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