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Tracfone prepaid 1 year of service

Justin Raney

Mar 8, 2021
Has anyone heard of this? Tracfone thru their ebay store sells the phone at a really discounted price of course itll be locked to tracfone with a 1 year prepaid service plan of 1500 minutes, 1500 texts, 1500mb. This would be a good deal for someone that really just needs an emergency cell phone.

Theyre around 50-80$ depending which phone you get and am wondering if tracfone can unlock it?
I had asked if they sold the plan itself 1 year 1500 minutes, 1500 texts, 1500mb to renew it next year never got a response.

Ive seen they sell 30$ 90 day 120 minutes, 120 texts, 120mb at the local dollar general to refill your tracfone service.

Tracfone TCL A3 + 1 Year of Service with 1500 MIN/1500 Text/1500MB | eBay


I see they do have a 1 year service plan prepaid but is expensive 80$
TracFone 1 Year Service Plan - 365 Days + 2000 Minutes/ 2000 Text/ 2000 Data. | eBay

Boost i think has the best prepaid 100$ 1 year service plan unlimited talk,text 2gb data monthly and can use it with one of the discounted boost locked phone from walmart the tcl20xe for 40$ or g pure for 50$.
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