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Help Transfer contacts to X10


Oct 29, 2010
I am new to new X10 mini. I have upgraded from SE W810i and want to transfer my contacts to my new phone. Can some one suggest the best way to do that.. Tried using SE website, but it doesn't work.

Can you tell me the folder to which I can place my contact .. Many thanks in advance.
I think the SE sync thing is location sensitive and isn't available in some countries.

If you can use the old style PC Suite you can sync your contacts with Outlook and then export your contacts from Outlook to Google Mail and then sync your phone to Google. This sounds a bit long winded but it does mean that you have a copy of your full contacts elsewhere than your phone just in case you need to be a reset and wipe the phone at some point. (Maybe even when the 2.1 update comes out as we don't know yet how it is going to get on the phone and what it will effect when it gets there).
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