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Help Transferring files from phone to PC computer

Can anyone tell me what the best app to use when transferring videoa from phone to PC

Most devices are designed to be detected and accessible via computer as a USB device. Even with that you still may find yourself still needing drivers for your device so it is detected properly by your pc. Plug the device in and you will most likely be prompted after a brief driver install by the pc with a pop up asking how you would like to use the device. with several options. One being opening the device storage each time its plugged in. From there just browse your storage and copy the media to your pc. If you do not get anything after plugging the device in. Google your device model and look for usb drivers with a search term like "LG LS760 USB Drivers" just as an example. Use your model and device brand name in search terms for usb drivers. You will most likely find them quickly. Download,install the drivers then try the device again.

Good luck.
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Use Wifi File sharing from most file managers like X-plore or ES.

neither of those two programs can hold a candle to ASUS File Manager....
it is straight forward, and very intuitive.

you don't have to go through folders searching for what you want.

take a picture.......
open ASUS file manager and click on Images.... the last picture you took will be at the top of the list.
long press, click on "last storage place" and then select the folder on the PC to put it in.

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