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Oct 11, 2010
I have searched but didn't find the answer, Is there a way to retrieve stuff you sent to the trash? I deleted the large Sony Ericsson box/logo thing that was in the middle of the main screen when I got phone. I'm not totally sure why, but I want it back. I dragged and deleted it by mistake trying to drag from one page to the other. Can I get it back?
the logo is the one shown in this pic in tords the top of the phone


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I got the phone a couple weeks ago. Not everyone knows as much as you when they first get the phone. I didnt think it was the Timescape because it did look different, but since you clarified it was because Timescape was not configured it looked different. and BTW, if you hold an empty space and add the Timescape widget it becomes one of the little icons. At least that is what it did on my phone. Need to relax.
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It's called TimeScape and it is actually a widget. Look for TimeScape. However you might not see the logo itself but feeds of Facebook, Twitter or txt messages, depending on how you configured it.

and yes, timescape will put a logo on the tile simply because you haven't configured it yet

though still find it harsh that you take offence to my post AFTER it was already explained to you about the configuration
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What you are looking for is the TIMESCAPE widget

if you have not configured timescape as yet then it will display the sony ericsson logo, however if you have, with content such as calls, messages, twitter and facebook, then timescape will display this information and NOT the SE logo

hope this helps

Yes that much more helpful than the original post. Thankyou and I apologize for my response. I didn't know it changed once the Timescape was activated etc. I wasn't calling anyone a liar if that was your interpretation, it was just my understanding at the time that it looked different than the Timescape logo so I thought it was different. The Timescape widget icon etc was irrelavent to my actual question and thread start.

So back to my question which was can you retrieve data from the trash? Can it be done?
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