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tring to connect Galaxy tab to Nas


Android Question

I have a galaxy note 10 inch tablet and I am tryign to get it to connect to my Aero gigabit NAS. I use esfile explorer and I can find the NAS but when I try to access the folders it comes up with

Login Fails

this may be caused by:
the account has no permissions

I am guessing that I may need to add a user for the Galaxy to the NAS but am not sure what to use.
ES can use any user on the NAS to log into it. All you need is one of the usernames and its password (and uncheck the Annonymous box). Trust me, it works. I didn't think it would the way I did it today, because my "NAS" is a large drive plugged into my router, but it even connects to that (the address is the gateway, in case anyone needs that little bit of info).
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