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Trouble since LG software update about 2 months ago

My device had updated its software about 2 months ago and now I'm having a constant, very annoying issue. Every time I open my TD banking app, the next time i go to unlock my screen, the screen locks up and the device is rendered useless until i do a full reboot. I know the OS is not frozen because i will be able to see the screen that is supposed to be showing during the restart of the device (while holding down the screen unlock and volume down buttons). I've tried reinstalling the app and that did not resolve the issue. I'm not sure if its a problem with the app itself or the software update that was applied and i do not know how to revert to previous updates
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Just to clarify, is this problem happening only after using that TD Bank app, or does it also occur with any other apps?
If it is tied to just that TD Bank app, instead of just Uninstalling and then Installing the app again, try this more involved process to see it makes any difference. Tap on Force stop to make sure that app's processes are stopped, then use Clear data to wipe any of the app's settings/config files along with the app's cache, then tap on Uninstall to remove the app. Now restart your phone to make sure any background processes for that app are cleared from RAM. Using Clear data will wipe all the data related to the app and basically return the app back to its originally installed, unused status. So this time when you reinstall the app, you will need to enter your user name and password (and set up whatever other security measures in place) and then once authenticated the app will restore its necessary data from your bank's online servers. If you made any other alterations to the app's settings menu you'll need to change them too. Also, be sure to go into your phone's Settings >> Apps menu and check that the Permissions and Notifications menus for the app are set up accordingly. Now start the app and test if that screen lockup problem is still occurring.
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It is with only this particular app. I have followed the steps provided and still have no resolution to the issue. i should maybe also note that if i go to reset the phone after it freezes, when it gives me the prompt to hold while it counts down from 3, and i let go before the phone restarts, the screen is unlocked and i can scroll around the pages, but using any app will freeze it again, and also my background goes black for some reason. Again this only since a recent software update.
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That added revelation is interesting. So that indicates there's more likely some glitch in your phone's installed Android operating system that's the actual problem, the TD Bank app itself isn't necessarily the problem but it is the 'trigger'.
Was the update you're referring to a monthly security patch update, or an operating system version upgrade, or just an update to the TD Bank app?
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After deleting the TD Bank and then reinstalling it, when you had to reconfigure your login info and re-do any kind of additional security aspects are you using any of your phone's authentication features, such as the fingerprint reader, as an auto-login feature? (Trying to determine if some option in the TD Bank app is calling up some Android background service, that's inter-related with something integral like the lock screen.)
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Having the TD Bank app set up to not use biometrics to log in does add to the mystery. And the actual source of this instability is still in question. Since this problem may or may not be tied directly to the lock screen, another thing to try is completely reset your lock screen options. Delete your lock screen settings or set them to their defaults, restart your phone, and then restore your lock screen options accordingly. Perhaps that update from a couple of months ago created some kind of corruption in a lock screen config file that only gets used in specific situations (i.e. some background process used by the TD Bank app), and that triggers this weird instability issue. But this is all just random guesses for the most part.
This is a definite, last resort suggestion but given the fingerprint reader sensor has apparently been messed up since you've had this phone, you might want to consider do a Factory Reset. But be sure you have safely backed up all your personal data and you have a record of your user name/passwords for the apps you use to access your different online services. A Factory Reset wipes your entire user account, and doing a complete, full restore can be a really arduous project. (Double check your backup data too, a lot of people make bad assumptions and lose precious files -- i.e. do not rely upon the Google backup and restore option in your Settings menu as a comprehensive backup utility, it only apples to Google apps and services data.)
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