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Help Trying to make phone sleep when screen is off


Mar 24, 2010
I've been getting pretty heavy batter drain lately, and I'm pretty sure its because my phone isn't sleeping nearly as much as it should. Accoring to spare parts, I've had the screen on about 3.5 hours, but it has been awake over 8 hours. I've been very aggresively killing anything and everything with Task Killer (rhythm software) and I'm pretty sure that the few things I let run aren't the problem.

Anyone know of a good way to force my phone sleep when the screen is off?
As to your original question, I am not sure, but to find out exactly what applications are causing the partial wake, in spare parts you can go to the Battery History screen. Then click on the first drop down, and select "Partial wake usage" (second to the bottom) and that will identify exactly what applications are causing the partial wake status (which is when the screen is off but programs are still running). Then just let your phone charge up and go a while without killing any tasks (you shouldn't ever have to kill tasks except in extreme situations, anyway) and then check that screen and it should tell you exactly what the culprit(s) are. In my case I had installed GrooveShark and it managed to kill my battery within hours while it was simply sitting at the login screen (I had never even logged in to the application) by keeping it in the partial wake status.
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