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motorola backflip

  1. ch3mn3y

    Help Backflip LCD replacement

    So i got used Backflip without battery and back cover, and with broken digitizer. First i need battery, but i can get one from ebay.de. My question is about screen. I found one for backflip me600, but mine is mb300. They look the same for me, but maybe u know about differences, which wont let...
  2. I

    Help My Moto Backflip keeps rebooting

    Hello Sir/Ma'am My Motorola Back flip keeps rebooting when I tried to update it to Ginger version, when I turn it on it displays the Motorola logo and then black screen then the Android logo and then it Restart again, it shows again and again. My recovery mode is changed to clock work mod...
  3. R

    Help me to Unbrick my Backflip mb300

    Hi recently i purchased Motorola Backflip Mb300 it came with android 2.1 but i upgraded it to CM7 but it was restarting again and again so i thought to get it back on Stock rom so i flashed it with RSD lite and it went fine...but today was trying to flash CM7 again but before doing it i flashed...
  4. R

    Root Gingerbread

    Hello I have a AT&T Motorola backflip (unlocked) with version 2.1 upgrade 1. I have tried to upgrade to gingerbread (Cyan... mod 7) Has anyone out there successfully upgraded this phone? If I load just Gingerbread the phone looses it phone number. If I load gingerbread and gapps the phone...
  5. B

    hi plzz help in my new backflip

    hi evryone i am in trouble plzzz help me i will give rs 2000 who helps me this is my flash error while flashing cutom rom using rsd lite 6 plzz help me guys my pc is windows 8 64 bit and i am from india 2013/06/09 21:41:28 | 0 | ERROR: Phone[0000]: Error sending JUMP command...
  6. H

    Backflip likes to make calls by itself

    I have noticed whenever my Motorola Backflip is turned on and I plug it into the wall charger, it seems to wait until I walk away then begins calling random numbers on it's recent call list. This gets annoying when it is 911 that it calls or people I just don't want to bother at 3AM or...
  7. Q

    Root How to upgrade from a 2.1 and market wont open

    I recently purchased a Motorola Backflip. Using it for the first time, I clicked on the market app and it says 'Web Page not Available'. How can I fix this? Also It is on the Android 2.1 Eclais OS. Does anyone know how to upgrade the software to something more recent? Help Please
  8. dadcup

    Root how I can unlock to different. carrier

    I need to know how I can unlock this please help
  9. D-U-R-X

    Root ATR Sticky Update

    :We Need Your Help!: We've noticed that the root sticky for your phone has been a little neglected and needs some updating. Please contact us to let us know which are the current, up-to-date root related threads & guides for the Backflip? You can contact us through...
  10. R

    Help Where to

    I want a 1.5 firmware for backflib. Search of Where to. Thank you.
  11. D

    Help Problem for update

    The recovery.img file is on my sd card but i don khnow why comes this error. please help me. C:\>C:\android-sdk-windows\tools\adb.exe start-server adb server is out of date. killing... * daemon started successfully * C:\>C:\android-sdk-windows\tools\adb.exe shell # su su # flash_image...
  12. F

    Root Help with rooting Backflip 1.5

    So I keep downloading the z4root and Moto_MSM_Root and Universal Androot None of which it seems to me I can get the right download ? Whenever I try to extract them with WinRAR a number of things come up saying it wasnt able to extract because I don't have access. If you want I can take a...
  13. F

    Root Help with rooting Backflip 1.5

    So I keep downloading the z4root and Moto_MSM_Root and Universal Androot None of which it seems to me I can get the right download ? Whenever I try to extract them with WinRAR a number of things come up saying it wasnt able to extract because I don't have access. I'm actually good at this stuff...
  14. D-U-R-X

    Backflip FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any Backflip...
  15. S

    Root Installing custom ROM without USB cables?

    Alright, so I am getting a new phone in a few days and I wanted to try the whole root scene. I currently have a moto backflip and learned that I could root it permanently with only an app. I'd wanted to root it for a while but I no longer have a usb cable to plug it into the PC with so I thought...
  16. B

    Root Phone freezes/locks up after root

    Hey everyone. I'm in the process of switching phone companies and switching phones as well. My new phone is different (current phone is CDMA) so I did a backup of all of my apps using Titanium Backup. After doing so, (on the Backflip) I went ahead and rooted the phone and installed CyanogenMod...
  17. A

    Help Please help

    Hey, Im new to the site. I just received my new Backflip a few days ago. Im in Canada. Anywho, I was having some service trouble so I thought getting rid of apps I didnt need would help. I proceeded to delete the Gmail.APK, and everything associated with Google. Shortly after I realized I...
  18. M

    Root Root Tool via cmd

    Hello, you want to root your Motorola Backflip? And you are lazy to type all the things in cmd? Here you have a batch file which saves you much time and typing work. Its written by me and i hope you like it: Download: English: V2.1EN1.3 German: V2.1DE1.2 Changelog: English: V1.1EN1.0...
  19. R

    Help Stuck on Logo Screen

    Hey Everyone!! Ok here is the problem.. I bought a this phone from a friend of a friend... the phone was not working at the time, guy told me it needed a new battery so i got a new battery for the phone and now it works! Well when I turned it on, it had a screen lock! I was trying to...
  20. P

    Motorola now offering its own sideloader

    LOL It's been out since July. Go to the Android Market and search for the "Sideload Enabler for BACKFLIP". DL it, then you can do what everyone else does, ie, check the box that says "Unknown Applications", which was MISSING from this Motorola model. Have fun! ;)
  21. S

    Help my phone frozen

    Hi there , :( please all , i've installed clockworkmod recovery img on my android by the following command " flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img " , through ADB tool and after that i restarted my phone in recovery mod to try it ,but it frozen ! i tried to get the battery out and replug...
  22. F

    Help backflip reboots

    Greetings, I am having a problem with my backflip rebooting and yes I have tried different things like the Business Card trick, reformating SD card, using a new SD card but nothing seems to work. It might be the battery but I'm not sure just yet cause I can't spare the cash for a new...
  23. rg430rocker

    Help Trying to back up contacts with no data connection -____-

    Hi! my brother has a motorola backflip with android 1.5. He has no idea what an android phone can do because when he bought the phone he never set up his google account. i'm now trying to update his phone but first i must back up his contacts. there is no way to just save to sim/sd that i can...
  24. El Presidente

    Root Backflip: All Things Root Guide

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if you have any...
  25. A

    Root Android 2.3.7 phone reboots itself and deletes apps

    A week ago I bought a used Motorola Backflip MB300 phone that had been rooted and upgraded to android 2.3.7 (cyanogen mod 7). I installed a few apps, started customizing my phone, but it rebooted itself from time to time. So I decided to make a factory reset. And now that I began installing...