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Turn off mobile data


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Aug 3, 2012
Lex Vegas
I am charging my phone overnight in my room. The notification for emails, depending on the frequency, can be annoying. So last night I thought I'd try using the option in the pulldown menu to turn off mobile data. It gives a nice little warning that I will not be able to use the internet, email, etc. Perfect! That's what I want. However, my email was going off all night! When I got out of bed, all my emails were right there - even though mobile data was off.

Is this because I had wifi on? What is the easiest way (app?) to turn off certain notifications (I'd still like to receive texts and phone calls)?
In my experience, every single app that shows notifications also allows you to control their notifications. For example, you can go to your email apps preferences and change the notifications ringtone to a quieter one, silence the notifications so it produces no sound at all, or completely disable the notification. Check the preferences for each app you want to silence.
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@lion2 - Yes, I know I can modify each app individually, but that defeats the part where I say "easiest". If I need to go into each app at night to disable and then in the morning to re-enable, that's not very easy. By the notification presented when turning off mobile data, this sounds like it should be the solution, but it didn't work.
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Here are some other solutions:

-Hitting the mute button on the notification tray before you go to bed
-If you just want to mute only the notifications just turn the notification volume all the way down.
-Download an app that will mute notifications at the time you go to bed and unmute them at the time you wake up
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@lion2 - hitting the mute button, is this the sound button? Will that turn off the ringer too and text messages?
- notification volume -- Is there where you adjust the volume, hit the volume and then settings? One has phone, I'm guessing the other is system sounds(?) and the last is notifications. Is that right?
- Exactly! Do you know of an app?
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