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Turn off update notification for specific app?


Feb 11, 2010
I've got an app that I installed from an APK that keeps trying to update manually through Google Play Store. 5x a day I get the notification "1 update found" for it.

How can I turn it off for this app? It's annoying to have to clear this out so often.

Note - it's not AUTOMATICALLY updating, that's turned off. And I'm rooted if that helps.
Apps from Play will pester. I've been ducking Gmail and Youtube for a couple of months and they show up as updates every time I turn on the Acer A500 ICS tablet.

The rooted phone, using CM7.2 only shows them when any other new update is available.

I rarely use Youtube on the phone, and have Gmail hooked into another mail app via IMAP.
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some apps you open them and hit the menu key or menu softkey (if your device lacks buttons) and 'settings' then hit 'notifications' and untick. it seems to work for Facebook.

and i am not sure about update alerts, i know you can turn off automatic update but i think it will just nag unless you clear the alert manually, where it will just show up again.
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