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Twitter app for Android with mute function?

Hey everyone! I'm new here. *waves*

I did some searching but could not find anything, so I'm hoping someone here will know. I'm looking for a twitter application for Android that allows a mute function. I know Ubertwitter has it on Blackberry and Brizzly has it for the iPhone. I cannot find anything for android though. I have friends who I like and do not want to unfollow (nor do I want them to know I unfollowed them), but sometime these people go on rants and I would just like to be able to not have to see them when they decide to do it. :p Does anyone know of anything?
Yeah, Twidroid and Plume seem to be the only Twitter apps that have mute right now. But Twidroid's got a bug that won't return you to a previous timeline, but to the profile instead - that's really bugging me! LOL And Plume has been crashing on me ever since the name change. I've been using Tweetcaster lately, and it's pretty good. Handmark is saying an update for Tweetcaster is coming soon, and maybe it'll add the mute feature.
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