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Root Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (13.04 Coming Soon!!!)


Android Expert
Sep 22, 2012
Columbia, South Carolina
Doesn't really matter, but u do need to redownload the scripts (not the large img tho) because some other partitions have to be mounted. This 13.04 raring is working fine in qemu on PC (configured ssh, vnc, X server, sudo works) but somehow the Debian and Ubuntu apt mirrors don't like that the build is armhf (better for our devices) and won't let me update apt sources. Working on it now and then I will upload to my web server :D
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Actually I'm finaling it now, I created an all in one toolkit to handle the download in right to the phone, although it will take a while, but it also has a backup function of running from a previously DL IMG (DL file on computer and copy to sdcard). All that is needed is busybox installed to /system/xbin/ I'm working on getting my toolkit to include installing that automatically and a few minor changes and I'll be done and hopefully builds will be available tomorrow evening around 7 pm est
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