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Just under 2 years ago, I got my first Verizon phone. It was a chocolate and it was my brothers old phone. I had that up until early spring of this year, when my brother got an Eris and sent me his old EnV 3, which I switched to at a Verizon store. After switching to the phone, I decided to ask the person who was helping me when I was due for an upgrade. They said June 2010, this month.

About a month after that, when I was visiting my brother on spring break, he told me his friend switched to a different carrier and is selling his Eris for $60. I instantly took the deal, since it's really good. I then brought it to a local Verizon store, and switched over to it. I had to add a $30/month data charge since it's a smartphone. There were some issues activating the phone, data wouldn't activate, and since no customer support person was able to help (I had gone through many different people), and just manually went in and programed my phone for it to work. It would later activate automatically and all that when I put the 2.1 leak on it.

Now, this Eris has that 'Scrolls left constantly and random times severely lagging the phone and rendering the phone unusable when it occurs' bug. Since I paid little for it, and since my availability to upgrade was coming soon, I decided to be patient. The Droid X recently came to my attention, and it came right in the window of me being able to upgrade/when my contract ends. I was so happy for that. Wrong. I went onto My Verizon for the first time in forever to check the actual date that I'm due for an upgrade/when my contract ends. What do I find? My contract had somehow, and sometime, been extended another two years. I had no knowledge of this. It now ends 01/27/12, and I am due for an upgrade 9/27/11. Wtf is this? Why and how did they extend my contract without me even knowing? And is there anything I can do about this? My Eris is really buggy and I don't want to stay with it for too long, but I'm at a loss of what to do now. >.<

If it is needed, I am on a shared plan. My brother is the Primary line, with my dad and me as secondary lines. So I ask once more, is there anything I can do? ._.


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