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Help Unable to install/update apps at times.


Android Enthusiast
Jul 21, 2010
This issue has plagued me not only on my N7, but also various phones.

I've got a 16GB Nexus 7 right now and at times when I try to update an app, it will download just fine but then give me the little exclamation-triangle notification of "insufficient storage available".

Now granted, I do have quite a number of apps installed. But this error occurs even when updating an app. Should I be able to replace an app with an updated one, with perhaps just a slightly larger file size?

I know that of the 16GB, there is only a certain amount of space set aside for app storage. Is there a way to increase this if I'm rooted?



I should also mention that at times I can reboot my N7 and an app that wouldn't update suddenly will, so it's not always seemingly a storage issue, but perhaps something else? It's not like the app is running either, because at times it's something I haven't used in months.


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