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unable to load photo


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I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and something very weird has happened to some of the photos of one of my picasa albums - only one of the albums and only some of the pics that are part of this album!!!

No viewing problems if I access the photos from google-picasa, but if I try to view them through the photo gallery on my samsung phone, it says "unable to load photo" and the screen goes all black! But the photo can't be corrupt as you can actually see it on picasa and also in the little previews on the left side of the mobile screen! When I click on details of the photos, I've noticed that the ORIENTATION of the photos that cannot be loaded is different to 0
Facing a very similar problem. Same error. But for me, that's happening for all my picasa albums & pics. I think I deleted my gallery data while I was cleaning up. And that lead to this. All my pics stored on card are fine. But getting "unable to load photo" error for all my picasa pics. Tried rebooting, tried deactivating & activating google+ & picasa syncing. Nothing has worked so far.
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