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Help Unable to track progress of Google photos backup


Jan 24, 2013
The status just says "Backing up thumbnails". There are around 12,000 photos that I need to backup but I don't have any sight on how much progress has been made or how many photos are left.

  • Make & model - Realme 2 Pro RMX1801
  • OS name & version - ColorOS v7
  • Base Android version - Android 10
  • Security patch version - 5 October 2020
  • Free space available on your phone - 4.92 GB
  • Upload & download speeds over WIFI - 100 mbps
  • Upload & download speeds over mobile data - 25 mbps
  • Have you activated battery saver or super battery saver mode? - No
  • Have you activated data saver mode? - No
  • Have you put a daily or monthly limit on the mobile data? - No
  • Have you allowed the Google Photos app to use the internet data in the background? - Yes
  • Have you installed some file cleaner, ad blocker, antivirus or some similar app that keeps on running in the background? - No
12000 photos?
That's going to take some time to process.
Give it a day or two

Would I just be better off uploading them to Google Photos from PC? I've already transferred them locally from phone to PC. The only problem with that is handling the duplicates (photos uploaded from PC vs photos which were already uploaded from the phone)
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