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Help Unasked-for apps installed


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Jul 26, 2010
Something is installing all kinds of game apps on my rooted S3 without my asking. (About one new game every few days).

I've wiped the phone and gone through Tibu looking for unknown entries but nothing seems foreign or suspect.

In TiBu there are apps that are struck-through which I think means they have been deleted but there's nothing in that list that seems suspect.

How do I ascertain what is installing these games (and god knows what else behind the scenes) and exterminate it?
So this is really getting annoying. Mystery game-looking apps still show up.

I want to wipe the phone, take it back to (near) stock and start over. However, once I do that and log into my Play Store account won't whatever (hidden) malware just re-install itself? Or if not Play Store than perhaps might TiBu re-infect the phone?

Is there some way to tell Play Store NOT to re-download unless I ask for it.

I don't think that I want a new Play account since I would need to repurchase those apps I've paid for. Is there a way to transfer a license to a different account?

Ugh. What a pain.
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