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Unlock Verizon Samsung S4 to Use With TMobile


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Sep 4, 2013
While I wait for a new phone from TMobile - back ordered with a month wait - I am going to buy a cheap junk Samsung S4 and try to run that for a few weeks on TMobile's network, until the real phone arrives. The phone I purchased is a Verizon locked phone. How do I convert a Verizon Samsung S4 to be either unlocked or alternately to program it with an OS that is locked to TMobile? Which is likely to be more reliable with a TMobile SIM card?
Can't you force a firmware version onto the phone that will change it to either unlocked or TMobile?

The inability to use TMobile frequencies is more problematic.

What would be a very cheap phone I could buy used and use perfectly with TMobile's network? I am going to be using this phone under one month.
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All Verizon phones were sold SIM unlocked out of the box (due to an FCC requirement) up until 2019. But with the network changes that T-Mobile has made this year, I'm assuming that such an old device is no longer compatible with them. You can check the IMEI here on their site though:

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