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Root Unlocked Bootloader, why not more activity?

You are correct. Samsung has Odin and Motorola has RSD lite. Other than physical damage there is almost nothing you can do to those phones that you can't fix.

Sadly none of these factory tools exist in the wild except for the 410 initialization tool and that causes more problems than it solves for our US VZW phones, and you still have to get into recovery to run that.

The lack of support is troubling and I don't think that will change.
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Maybe it's because of
E:V:A said:
As Qualcomm are keeping even the most basic hardware information secret from
the development community.

For the developer community this is both a challenge and a pain in the arse.
We get bricks from left and right, but we have absolutely no useful or freely
accessible documentation for how to determine the internal HW settings that
can be useful to revive our phones and tablets.

As the QC empire only speaks in terms of $$$, we have to expect that there
will never be any publicly available documentation on this (or any future)
top-model chip-sets from Qualcomm. Security by obscurity is their motto,
because that is what their sales numbers and marketing officers are telling
them is right.

Source: MSM8960 Info, Architecture and Bootloader(s)
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