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Help Unremovable floating icon appears above screens *SOLVED*


Feb 4, 2016
Hi there,

I have a HTC M9 phone and my phone advised me that there was a new Lock screen update and I should restart it. I did. Now I have a unremovable icon from my screens.


I have a icon which appears after waking the phone from sleep mode. The icon first appears in the lock screen. I cannot remove it at all from both Locak and Home screen. Clicking on it creates a semi transparent black layer blocking from me from tapping on any icons apart from the Navigation buttons at the bottom. I have to force restart the phone.

Once I put the lock screen screen away, the icon still floats above the other app icons. It appears on a layer stuck above the Home/Lock screens.

I tried dragging the icon the boundaries of the phone screen and no 'Delete' option appeared. I also tried shaking the phone sideways in case it was a new feature. I just cannot remove it at all.

I find it annoying. :) I don't recognise the icon enough to see if I can disable it in Settings or similar. Do you recognise it and how can I remove this icon?

Icon - Is it Bluetooth, Infrared or something else ?

In top right of screen, the icon floating at top right. Cannot remove it.


I press Power to get the Power Off and Restart options. I cannot click on any of those options. There is a semi transparent layer above the menu.


The following versions are listed below, if that would be any help.

Android Version 6.0
HTC Sense Version 7.0
Software Number

Can you please help?
Peel fixed the bug that caused the issue and the latest update 8.6.5 is available for download from Google Play. Here is the link below:
Hi, would mind editing your post to change the obfuscated URLs to the originals, so we can actually see where they lead to. I never click on any obfuscated URL myself, for safety and security, hiding malicious sites, etc.
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