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Unrooting HTC Magic (Rogers) on a Mac

I am planning to root my HTC Magic (32A) but want to make sure I can revert back to cupcake.

I've looked around everywhere and can't seem to find a method that is compatible with Macs.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Any instructions you read involving the sdk and adb will work the same on your mac. Just remember to ./ before the command and you'll be fine. If it is a .exe that someone wrote for windows then it. Won't work.
Remember to put anything you want to push to your phone in the tools dir... or the same dir as adb to keep it simple and follow the sdk directions at code.google.com as well for stuff mac specific like path etc ...
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Updating isn't a problem (adp is java so should work), I think he's asking about reverting back to stock. Most of the ROMs have people asking the same question so they generally show ways to do it. The other way that I've heard about is to apply the latest update from HTC which should put it back to bone stock. Even a Rogers phone can apply their (one and only) 1.5 update from last august which should then be stock as delivered. You could even do a Nandroid backup first thing and restore that if required, but that leaves you rooted since you had to root to make the backup....

Of course many of the easy back to stock methods are .exe style updates and require windoze but I guess you can do that one time and just hold your nose. :) It is the ROM flashing that you want available on a Mac since you'll do that much more often. The latest cyan ROM + 32A kernel is really stable on my Magic.
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Well then what cha waiting for? :) you can nandroid backup to get back to where you are now. you'll have to wipe to update the 1st time so don't wait too long.....
I ran just rooted for a week and then took the plunge into 1.6. Actually I ran a 1.5 Sense UI ROM for a bit and that was nice but then went to 1.6 and haven't looked back. I'm not waiting on rogers or htc to fight it out.
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nandroid backup will take a snap shot of the phone and store it on the SD card. It should be part of any root package once you go to the next step. You boot into it before starting the phone and do it or flashing etc. I do that before every flash or when I'm trying out a new ROM or theme, or whatever. I can then restore back to a point that I liked better or when I goofed up (2.1 is not ready for prime time on the Magic.....)
Write down the dates of the backups to make it easier to pick the one you want, or just restore the latest (by date). It protects you from mistakes.
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1.5 to 1.6 was the most important jump as now some apps only work on 1.6 and up, but obviously with each new version comes sleeker interface and improved functionality. If you want to see detailed differences just check out the videos on the android site.

As for the sense ui, you cant just install it. It comes as one with/on a rom. Most sense ui roms out there are currently based on the hero (1.5)
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