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Help Unsuccessful downloads problem Google G1


Mar 1, 2010
This is very strange and I hope that someone has a solution to my issue. I have been noticing that I would get messages saying there are UPDATES ready to be downloaded for my apps. I go into the android market and start to download the updates and after a few seconds I get a message that my download was unsuccessful, and this has been going on for acouple of weeks. I just though it was my TMOBILE network causing this, but TMOBILE is not having any issues like this. So I decide to check my wife phone which is also the same type of smart phone that I have, Google G1 (but hers is white, and mine is black). And I notice right away that the application ICON on her phone was abit different then my. So I went into the Setting>Application to click on the Market application and notice that her version of the market application was different then mine. She is running version 1668 and my version shows to be 2007. She not having issues like I am, but how is it that my version changed and hers didn't and does it matter?
UPDATE: I was able to fix this issue myself, was abit worry about doing it, but it works. I went back into Manage Appilication and Uninstall the Market version 2007 which return back to the original version 1620 which i'm not sure why my wife phone is running 1668 version, but hey I got my downloads to work. I would be glad to hear from anyone still, that might know what is going on here.
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After a day or two you might notice that it will revert back to the 2007 version, but don't sweat it cause it works even better now. I think when the 2007 was orignal downloaded it bug-out somewhere thus making it a non-workerable application. Now it works just fine. I'm glad I was able to help someone!
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