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Until Desert is Served, This Program might satisfy


Android Expert
Dec 29, 2010
Fast Burst Camera: OK, I downloaded this from the Market yesterday, and I think it's pretty cool. You might want to check it out.

There is a free version called Fast Burst Camera Lite.

There is another version that costs 3.99 and adds some features like being able to turn off the shutter sound, and use the flash.

There is even a faster burst camera version (I think called Ultimate) that shoots only B/W.

Essentially, it turns the phone into a quick photo capturing tool. You can then cycle through the photos captured and choose the one you want, or animate the captured images, or do a mosaic. You can set up the delay between frames and do stop-action stuff.

Depending on what you need or your interests, it looks like an interesting program.

Maybe other people have heard of or tried some different apps - perhaps they can keep us satisfied until desert is served.


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