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Help Unusual Touchscreen Issue

I apologize in advance if this is redundant or etc; I only want to describe the problem with as much detail as to be clear & cut down on basic questions...

My tablet (cheap blue model) has a tiny chip and a couple of cracks out from there but no major damage. The touch screen was still working great until recently when the pattern screen became unresponsive.

The 1st initial picture screen still seems to be 100% responsive. It opens up either ⬆ or ⬇ & if I swipe ↔↘↙↖↗ it moves the picture like it should - like the touch is accidental or just the wrong directional. But when I do open up the pattern lock screen, then it becomes unresponsive. It does this no matter how many times I turn off the screen and reopen OR restart. I don't understand why only 1 screen is not recognizing touch. Any help?


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