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Update unlocked AT&T Galaxy S3


Dec 11, 2013
Hello all,
I bought a Galaxy S3 from AT&T and after my contract ended, I am using the phone with a different provider and I am currently out of the US. I have noticed that the software version on this device is 4.1.1 and Kies says no update is available. Samsung is says wait till Kies shows the update while AT&T says look for updates from your current provider (which won't happen since in this country, updates are through Kies).
Can somebody please help me and tell me how I can get the latest software for my GS3?

Since the site on which Kies updates used to be is no longer, you can wait until someone resurrects the Kies method of updating, you can come back to the states and sign up with AT&T until you get the update or you can just keep running 4.1.1. There's no way to "get" a 4.3 Kies update (the fixed one probably wouldn't have been available yet, and you wouldn't want the buggy one it replaced yesterday [or today?].)
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