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upgrade help

Next friday I will be gettting my full upgrade for a phone and I already have a G1 but kinda looking into a new phone form T-mo. Now T-mo has few good choices for android phones. My mom has the my touch which is like a g1 which I have no problem with that but i heard that they are having a limited edition one which will come with a 3.5mm headjack and htc sense. I also been looking into the behold 2 and cliq for what I heard that the behold 2 has a problem where it can't tell the deference betweeen a lower case i and upper case I. Which will be a big deal to me since my password has a i in it. What is the behold 2 running right now cupcake or 1.6? I been hearing good things about the cliq but I heard a rumor that the cliq wont get a update pass 1.5 if someone can comfirm this please do.


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