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UPS lost my phone, Amazon.com is a hero.


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Sep 7, 2010
Well....everyone knows about Hurricane Irene right? I ordered an HTC Inspire for AT&T from Amazon Wireless this past Wed. It said it would come this coming Wed.

I just got an email from UPS with my tracking #. I live in NYC and the package is coming from some mid-western state. It told me that my box went from being shipped at the facility to being in California.

That's nice, going west instead of east. So, I called UPS and gave them my #. The guy came back on the line and politely said: "I'm sorry, it seems we have lost your package in transit and are unable to locate it." I then told UPS that they will refund my money. However, then they replied with: "We are sorry, but the insurance is not covered by natural disasters, "acts of god", etc.....


Anyway, Amazon.com emailed me a day later (yesterday) and said it was taking procedures with UPS and:

2: Refunded all of my money, including shipping.
3: Offered and accepted to pay for Next Day Delivery
4: Payed for the package insurance again.
5: Is sending me an accessory of my choice under $25.
6: Is giving me a $50 voucher for anything on the Amazon.com store.

All I have to pay is for the actual phone, which was listed as $70.00 in their store. I just completed the offer for $50, so now it is only $20.00

Long story short: I hate UPS, but love Amazon.com
Well at least they did gave in and gave u some stuff, now I know how the process goes if anything like that happens. Deft time to order before the next one comes...

Well I told UPS that I was calling AMEX and Paypal and telling them not to send the payments. I guess Paypal was contacted by UPS and they handled it with Amazon.com
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