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Help Urgent help with SIM card


Android Enthusiast
Aug 21, 2010
I bought my SGS a couple of months ago.
I bought a SIM card for use in Canada and it worked fine.

I just went to Russia, bought a SIM card there, and it worked fine.

Now I'm in Ukraine. I have tried two SIM cards from two different Ukraine companies and although they are both recognized by my SGS and show credit remaining on the phone, they won't let the phone answer or dial out a number.

When a number is dialed, it 'times out' after a few seconds and bounces out of the phone app, returning to the home screen, on its own!

When a call is made to my phone the phone 'locked'. That is, when I press the answer button or the hang up button, they don't work.
Even the take a message button doesn't work!

Please if anyone knows what may be the problem, let me know.
There are no 'blocked settings' on the phone.



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