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Help !!URGENT!! Stuck on Factory Reset Screen (Epic 4g Galaxy SI)


Aug 8, 2012
Okay so my phone has been doing this for a few hours now, I try to turn it on, the bottom buttons flash on then off then back on, then stalls for about a minute or two the flashes a box with an arrow coming out of it towards the android logo, then flashes the caution symbol (White triangle, orange/red exclamation point and the android symbol). After a while it flips to the Android system recovery screen. I can move the highlight bar up and down but I can't select anything no matter what button I touch. It says its in "#Manual Mode#" but I can't switch out only use the volume button to select. I'm going to wait for the battery to die and then recharge it but other than that any suggestions? I've tried to put in the actual factory reset but it just stalls and does the same thing as I said before. I really don't want to lose any of my stuff but if it really has to come to it I will reset it, I have had to once before. Also getting a new phone is out of the question, no money to (Not even for cheaper ones online, mother refuses unless I get a job which I can't without my phone because of no computer, (At a friend's)) Is there any way to reset through usb? PLEASE HELP!


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