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samsung epic 4g

  1. Pedro Fabian

    Epic 4G and Link2SD

    Hi. Recently tried this app, link2SD, on an old Samsung Epic 4g that I flashed clockwork onto and got Cyanogenmod 11 on. I used a 16 gig sd card. Used mini partition wizard to create two partitions, one fat32 and the other ext 2. Got everything working Im having a problem however. The phone was...
  2. D

    Help Recurring Sloth Mode

    What could possibly poison an Epic 4G's system speed across the stock ROM and 2 custom ROMs? Like this... I'm on my second Epic 4G, got a used one off eBay about a month ago when the screen on my first one died. On my first one, I rooted it, upgraded to Clean GB, then eventually moved it to...
  3. O

    Root Visual Voicemail Problem!

    Hey, everyone! I had been using a Galaxy S4, but that was stolen less than a week ago, so I'm back to using my Epic 4G. I rooted it and everything went well, then I chose to run Cyanogenmod 10.1 according to this thread. It's working really well for me except for one major issue
  4. D

    Epic 4G wifi only Google Play not working

    Hello to the few remaining slider diehards on this forum. My old Sprint Epic 4G slider might be dying on me. I had to do a factory reset and was just installing my apps when it locked up. After a restart Touchwiz was gone and the stock android launcher showed up (Sprint ID feature). Since I...
  5. E

    Texts help

    Hey ya'll. I just realized I needed to save a text thread but I've been texting with this person so much that the convo I need isn't showing up in Epic's memory. Does that mean the convo is gone or can it be recovered? I'm willing to root this thing in order to recover them if need be but I...
  6. O

    Reset programing back to Sprint

    I flashed my Epic4g to Cricket and now I am thinking about going back to sprint. Is there a way to reset all the phone programing and such back to its default setting it had before I changed things using CDMA Workshop and DFS? I am also using the Cyanogen mod CM11 and don't want to lose my...
  7. K

    Help Can't get videos to run on other devices

    OK, first off if this is posted elsewhere, I apologize as I looked through everything and ran a search. First post here; I'm fairly computer fluent but not an expert in phone tech. I shot some videos of my son pitching last night and they look great on the phone. I tried to pull them over...
  8. D

    Sprint epic 4g turning connecting to wifi by itself

    My sprint epic 4g is connecting by itself to wifi while in airplane mode with wifi turned off. This phone is inactive as my. Sprint GNote2 is now my phone. Am I hacked or is this the sneaky sprint optimizer at work? I am running stock gingerbread fc09. I also use norton and avg antivrus on...
  9. dmcjr22

    Root twrp

    does any one have a copy of twrp 2.6.3 they can share the the links and goo file is not correct to small of a file
  10. I

    Root Rooted SPH D700*stuck on samsung screen*

    Hi i have a rooted SPH D700 running froyo 2.2 ,EB13....I got stuck on samsung screen through recovery on CMW.....trying to use odin to flash stock ROM, But i cant find any working links....anywhere!.... Can anyone provide working link to any stock EB13? or a better method of getting out of...
  11. whitevivian

    Is Shopitchina reliable or not?

    I searched Shopitchina in Google. and seems there are lots of phone accessories, such as charger, battery, case, phone screen, main board, usb and cable. Anyone used it before? Could you share shopping experience here? Or can give me some suggestion about it. Thousands of Thanks!
  12. B

    Root plz help- galaxy s2 recovry mode problem. big trouble

    hey fellaz i just got a galaxy s2. it is from sprint - sph-d710 i rooted earlier with no problems. now i just tried to flash clockwrk recovery on to it so i could install custom rom.it flashed fine but now when i boot to recovery the volume buttons work fine to scroll up and dwn but the power...
  13. R

    Crash/reboot when default app "always" selected

    My un-rooted Samsung Epic 4G Touch reboots when selecting gmail as the default app for email address hyperlinks. I've wiped the cache, reinstalled gmail, and disabled the Samsung email app (other option when screen pops up). Any ideas? Thanks.
  14. D

    Best Rom?

    Which Rom is the best for the Epic 4G? Which AOSP is the best? Is SuperNexus the only AOSP available? This is my first smartphone. Thank you.
  15. Y

    Epic 4G (On it's way to boost) NEED HELP

    So, I am new here and hoping to gain some insight into where I went wrong. (Also this may be in the wrong forum section, if so I'm sorry). SHORT VERSION: I flashed an Epic 4g (not touch) to boost with a design (HTC Evo 4G [Rooted]). From what I understand so far the AAA and HA cant be taken...
  16. M

    Help Can't get into device settings on gs2 sprint

    Every time I click storage settings or service settings it goes black then straight to home screen can anyone help?
  17. D

    Moving a pic problem.

    Tried to move a pic from one folder to another and all I got was a black screen with what looks like a chess piece in the middle.But when I look at the pic in the files section as apposed to the gallery pic is there.Please help :(
  18. dsmryder

    Root [ROM] CM10.1 minimized

    Ok, not yet. I'm going to post that later. This will be my place holder for it.
  19. B

    Mass Storage Problem / Samsung Epic 4g

    I'm having a weird problem that's driving me nuts. When I connect my Epic 4g via mass storage to my WinXP machine, and try to transfer files from the phone to my pc, it gets very buggy and slow with constant errors popping up. If I select 3-5 pictures and copy 80% of the time they'll copy...
  20. arnandtara

    Root can't get downloads?

    Can't access downloads? I'm experienced in rooting, flashing, boot animations, and general things on a few different phones. I'm rooting this phone to see if I like it but I can't seem to "access" the download servers for other roms (xda sites).
  21. A

    Root Can someone help me ROOT my Sprint Epic 4g and put on CYANOGENMOD 10.1

    Hi I just got this phone to replace my Galaxy Nexus and wanted to get 4.2 on it if possible. Can anyone help me? This phone is running the latest software (Gingerbread) and has never been rooted before. Thanks!
  22. S

    OE charge rate

    Recently got this phone second hand, did not come with original charger. My last samsung was 700mA but I know some of these are 800 or 1000. Could someone kindly fill me in? Thanks
  23. Dm47021

    Root [ Android Developer ] New to this phone.

    Hello all, Iam an android developer from Team Osiris, i recently recieved an epic 4g, would like to continue development.. where are you guys with cyanogen and such ? and what should i know about this phone ?
  24. T

    Switching from HTC Arrive to Epic 4g, What Am I In For?

    Exactly what the title says. Any recommendations/warnings? (e.g. Should I stay away from updates, etc.?)
  25. T

    Help Samsung Galaxy S4 Home Screen

    I am trying to replicate a feature I've seen on the Galaxy S3. The home screen on the S3 continues without stopping, going left or right, coming 360