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  • Hey,

    I saw that you said that the big hangup on the camera work is having a c++ developer. Well I am such a person. I make video games for consoles and have not looked at the android ecosystem at all, but I do all my work in c/c++ and since I am interested in getting the camera working I figure I should do something about it.

    Can you point me to some resources for getting my environment setup and where I need to look for the camera code?

    Ryder, I'm directing this at you ONLY because I think you also use System Tuner Pro.

    I have been unable to get saved voltage tables to load in it. I just get an error saying failed to load.

    The voltage settings I select work fine... it's just the saved ones that won't reload, for example after a wipe/ROM change.

    Cedric has been working on this. The newest version of system tuner actually reboots the phone when I try to load a saved set of voltages.

    The following is a quote from his latest email, after I asked if the problem was the ROM/kernel I've been using...

    Possibly, though I believe it’s an implementation issue: the voltage interface implemented in your kernel is used on multi-core voltage interfaces (eg changing voltage for each core individually), though you have only one core… This seems to be the source of the problem.

    Just thought you may have some insight, or at least find it interesting.

    Cedric is still working on this issue.
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