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URL Shortcuts on Home Screen

I am in the process of moving from my trusty old Samsung Galaxy Tab S to an S7+ and trying to set it up to look the same.

One thing that is puzzling me at the moment is that on the old tablet I have created several icons (shortcuts?) on the Home page that point to webpages, such as bbc.co.uk/weather and I have modified the icon so that it uses a new image.

Problem is that I cannot remember how I did this :unsure:

So, 2 questions......
  • How do I create a shortcut on the Home page for a URL?
  • How do I update the image used for the shortcut to use one of my own?
I tried xicon changer but this seems to just work with apps - there must be something else that does the job!

As it's built in with in the Safari, which allows the sharing of any link act like an app by allowing it to add to the Home Screen. How do I make a Shortcut that allows me to do the same (share a link) from any other browser or App and add it to the Home Screen, with the web-logo as the App icon with access to the link? Sounds simple but is it possible? TIA

FYI the Safari browser is on Apple iPhones only. The OP has Samsung devices. I know Chrome can do what's required.
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