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USB-A or USB-C port for Android Auto?

I wouldn't worry too much about bandwidth or data transfer speeds, and focus more on just what kind of USB port is in the vehicle:
It doesn't really matter if USB-Type C can provide faster data transfers if you can't even plug your mobile device into the port (...and the odds are USB Type A speed limitations will be more than adequate for the purpose -- i.e. streaming audio content or maps and such aren't big bandwidth hogs) You might possibly need to buy a Type A to Type C adapter.
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Pretty nice if your new car has USB-C, most cars I've seen are still sporting the USB-A port. If C is available, by all meansuse it but make sure to get a good quality USB cable.
Anecdote: I had rented a car last year while traveling with one of my old standby USB-C | USB-A cables to provide for charging and possible Android Auto connectivity. It bothered me for several days that I couldn't get my S10+ to connect successfully to Android Auto, until I stopped in at a Micro Center and buy a new cable. After that it worked like a charm. So either USB-A or USB-C, get a good cable.
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