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USB debbuging OFF, Hell ON


Jul 7, 2017
Hi guys, i am on a sticky situation with my asus zenfone 2, after a fall, the right 30% of my touchscreen stoped working, i can work around that with a featured called single hand mode, a little annoying but no problem till here, one day i had to factory reset the cellphone but totally forgot about the issue, meaning now i am stuck at the setup wizard screen because the damn arrow to pass this screen is located guess where, in the right side of the screen.

I have found several "solutions" but every one needs me to install TWRP but with USB debbuging off is an impossible task.

i have bootloader unlocked but can install ONLY factory roms, tried deleting setupwizard.apk from a rom and then installing it but detects the modification and aborts the installation.

monday i will try with an OTG cable with a mouse hoping for the cursor magically appearing and saving me the 150 USD and 2 months without cellphone that coast fixing it with the official support.

feel free to give me ideas, or if you have a way to work around this i hear you.

every tutorial for installing TWRP demands USB debugging enabled, i tried installing it with adb but gives me an error
Not adb, fastboot. Different thing. If your bootloader is unlocked you put the phone into fastboot or download mode (depends on the phone which), connect to the computer, then (having previously installed fastboot on the computer) use the fastboot command to flash the recovery image.

To be fair I don't know the zenphone, but that's a standard procedure that should work on an Android phone with an unlocked bootloader (unless the manufacturer or carrier has done something weird).
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