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Help Use internet connection mode


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Mar 23, 2011
When USB cable is attached, there is an option to share using internet mode. I've not been able to use that :-( LG Verizon drivers are installed, in ethernet connections in windows 7 the connection is there, when phone was plugged to the laptop drivers installed fine. These devices just don't wanna talk.
I've also tried easy tether with not much luck. Any ideas or other software suggestions? Thanks for your time.
Yeah I've used FoxFi, but even with the add on it had problems loading lots of pages, usually when they involve flash. Same with Wifi Tether (which seems to be more reliable in general for me). I wanted to try a wired tether option to see if that fixed my problem. I know it isn't a problem with service because my parents' Verizon hotspot loads the pages just fine that my phone seems to have a problem with.
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I've come across that too sometimes. What I've found is if I use foxfi for a pc connection, I have to avoid using the phone entirely... No sms, no updates, nothing. When the phone tries to do other things with the data connection, the foxfi connection craps out. But, it's the best I've found on this device... I see others with mixed results and prefer other apps.
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