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Use Navimote and make money!


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Jan 11, 2010
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Earn money with your phone through wifi and phone cell towers. UK/US included.

Navizon has just released a new software version of Navimote (v1.07) for Android handsets.

Ever wondered how you could transform the miles you travel into cash in your account? Well, now you can with Navizon rewards.

When you use Navizon with a GPS device, every Wi-Fi access point and Cell tower that you pass by will be logged and turned into points on your account.

If they are discovered by you (If you are the first one to map them)

  • 15 points for each cellular tower
  • 3 points for each Wi-Fi access point

If they have already been mapped by someone else
(except in a few areas)

  • 1 point for each Wi-Fi access point
  • 2 points for each cellular tower

Once you have 10,000 points, you can redeem them for a reward, and $15 will be wired to your Paypal account (minus the Paypal fee in the amount of $0.29).

Note: You may also choose to redeem a reward for a free upgrade to Navizon Premium.

The idea is fairly simple: some users who have GPS enabled phones, or a standalone GPS device map the wireless landscape (ie. the location of Cell towers and Wi-Fi Access Points) wherever they go, so that other users who don
Well I use it all the time when I drive in the car. I just use my car charger and run navimote. It doesn't make a lot but it can pay for some gas when I take trips.
The software also can be used for locating a lost phone. This was supposed to be its primarily function which can be found in a lot of programs nowadays. I use it only for logging and making some cash.
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Yeah same here. There are times where I hit 10 states in a month.

Tapatalk. Samsung Moment. Yep.

Actually, it doesn't see to matter where your home area is. I live in Massachusetts and mine is defined in southern new england. I was driving all over Pennsylvania yesterday and it did log data and I got points. Not very many for a 250 mile drive though. It found wifi, but no cell towers and I definitely had cell service. I e-mailed the developer and was told it doesn't work on Verizon yet, but there will be an update soon.

Would be nice to make enough to pay for my data plan. I'm driving around with the phone charging and the gps turned on anyway (for navigtion). Might as well collect data. It only takes a few seconds to sync it.
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Ok, so I did a little research on this, because frankly, ANY app that pays you, is worth a try.

Some things I discovered :
1. once you map a location (wifi or cell) you cannot get points for mapping again. ever. you can't map the same place twice.
2. you can get 2o% from your referrals that join.
3. Its $10 when you reach 10,000 points (with a .20 deduction for paypal fee)
4. there is a 9.99 fee for the full version, and though its not required, when you get around to look at your point accumulation page, you'll see on the top of the page that they 'insinuate' (in my opinion) if you buy the full version, there are extra rewards. And I did...and there are not -- with the exception of all the navigation pluses of the app itself. (not the insinuation of bonus cash rewards, or cashing out with a lesser point amount that I thought might be).

I guess if you drive in a lot of different loctions, thats great -- but you can only drive so much, before you run into locations that have eventually been mapped before. So I guess if you're a advid vacationer, or constantly have to travel for work then this is probably an app for you. You'll make out -- at least for a while.

The cons of this are that you can only get so many points until eventually, everything will be mapped.

And even if you recive referals, it won't take long for those that aren't avid travelers for bussness or plesure, to drop this app as well. So your referalls won't last long ether.

For me, I'll stick around until I make the money I put into it and see if I can manage another $10 just because I want to make it.

I'll update my post when I reach my goal and let you know how long it took me.
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