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User does not stay logged into internet forum


Feb 28, 2021
Hi, I'm posting this on behalf of a friend that doesn't know anything about the internet (and I'm completely unfamiliar with Android so we're off to a great start! : ). Please let me know if I need to get this thread moved and where to.

He uses the Acmoc.org forum which uses Kunena forum software. His phone is 6 mos. old - I'm waiting for him to let me know what version of Android he uses and whether he uses the Samsung browser or Chrome. What's happening is that he logs into the forum and he checks the "stay logged in" box, but he "always" has to log back in the next time he browses to the forum.
Are there settings that he needs to make to enable his session to stay logged in? We don't have a limit on the server end, and my iOS and the server admin's Android both stay logged in over multiple days just fine.
Thanks for any guidance in advance,
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Great thanks, I'm thinking these settings will be in the Chrome settings, which I assume are not different depending on which phone, so if I can find a guide online for how to configure browser cookies, that should get him most of the way there.

I despise Chrome, but it should be as simple as allowing cookies in the general settings of the app.

Then go to privacy, advanced, or whatever to get to the settings that control what happens when the app is closed.

As I do not use Chrome, I cannot walk you through the steps.

I do know, however, of a much better browser that is much easier to use.


This one I could walk you through step by step.

It's fast, secure, versatile, and customizable.
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