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Help Using External Mic with Note 10+


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  • Nov 17, 2009
    Manchester, Tennessee
    I have an event coming up that I will be recording with the Note 10+ video camera. It's outside... so I purchased an external microphone to put on the podium, running a cable to the Note 10+ on a tripod.

    After trying just the mic and cable, I got nothing. I did a YouTube search and learned that I needed an adapter with a built-in DAC like this one.


    Does anyone here know what I'm doing wrong? Thank you!

    After watching several YouTube videos, I learned that the TRS to TRRS adapter cable is VERY important... without it in the right place, audio recording ain't gonna happen.

    The cable's 3.5mm plugs are different: one end has two black lines around it; the other has three. It is CRUCIAL that this cable plugs directly into the DAC adapter, which plugs directly into the phone.

    I had an extender cable to allow for more distance from the microphone to the phone... it's a TRS cable, with only two black lines on the 3.5mm plug. I had the adapter cable plugged into the microphone, and then to the extender cable - which was then plugged into the DAC adapter. WRONG! Connecting that 3-line TRRS plug into a 2-line TRC cable broke the whole thing!

    Once I realized this, I connected the extender cable to the microphone... then the adapter... then the DAC... and the phone. Works brilliantly! Here's the video that gave me the tech geek epiphany: Awesome information video
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    A wireless mic would be great... but that particular mic wouldn't serve our purposes. The description specifically states, in bold letters:

    This item is for recording only, NOT for real-time project such as karaoke or live presentation.

    Since this is for video recording our live ceremony, it won't work. Thanks for the input, though!
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