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Usually how long til roms get updated?


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Sep 13, 2012
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Hi All, I'm new to rooting and romming. Suppose I have a popular Android phone that can be rooted and rommed. And suppose this phone has a strong root/rom community. How long does it usually take for a rom to get updated to the latest version of Android? For example if Android "N" comes out in January, how long til the popular roms get updated to "N"? I know it depends on the particular rom, but I just want to get a general idea.

For example, do some popular roms like cyanogenmod get updated very quickly? If so, how quick? 1 week? 1 month? 4 months?

This is kind of a general question. Should I move it to another forum? Thanks,
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The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind.....

It all depends on device , popularity, easy, hardware, what's on TV that will distract the delvopment team, how much budget the manufacturers have allocated to support the device.

Its really impossible to say, apart from the fact that Nexus devices will always be at the front of the queue
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Ahh, so the SoC can make a big difference. Now I see some of the details involved. So if the S6 had a Snapdragon SoC then it could have been faster. This is excellent info. Now I know to look out for this when I search for a phone I want to rom. This is just the kind of details I need. Any other details that determine if a rom is developed quick or slow? I know it depends on the popularity of the phone and the strength of the rom community for that phone. Thanks,
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If it's not a Nexus there's no way of knowing

Even with a Nexus, there's no way of telling, unless you are always flashing from developer images as soon as they get posted.

A doctor, a lawyer and a college professor walk into a phone store ... They all buy the same Nexus on the same day. The Doctor get's the update on the first day it's released. The Lawyer get's the update 3 weeks later and professor doesn't see the notification for 6 weeks, gets frustrated and flashes the factory image posted 5 weeks prior. ;)
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