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Verizon 2 year contract (Rant)


Feb 24, 2013
I will start with background. Been awhile . I am still using Razr Maxx HD up for upgrade, been checking around. Called Verizon struck a deal for Moto Droid Z Play, free 2 day shipping / no activation fee standard stuff.$ 408 plus tax no problem and paying full price no monthly payments. Now this is were it goes bad. Waited for order confirmation none came. In the mean time Motorola sends E-mail we will give you phone free shipping and 10% off,sounds good but will have to pay taxes and activation. 2 days go by call them whats up? We have no order for you, ok lets order again. Same deal. Paying full price again. This time I get order confirmation cool. 2 days go by again, call them back, transferred to 2 people no one knows whats going on. Now remember I'm paying full price no financing cash. Now I'm on hold full lunch time.( Nora) says oh I see you need to agree to the terms and conditions. Maybe I could be wrong cause i'm paying full retail for phone that means I should still be off contract. There should be no terms and conditions. But ok so now it is going to be another 2 days before getting phone up to one week now. i cancel order done with trying to get phone with Verizon on phone and on line.
This is where ist gets good, go to local store tell kid what I want and the deal I want and being offered. he comes out with his manager on phone guy tells me that in order to get phone from them I will need to pay $384.00 sign 2 year contract and make payment of $1.00 a month for 24 months plus pay activation and taxes.If memory serves me right Verizon went no contract could be wrong. I told manager I don't want to sign 2 year contract that is the whole idea of paying full retail. He says that's how it is in store. i say ok then we can end this conversation right now, and walked out the door.
Now lets see how long it takes Motorola to get phone to me. After taxes i paid $392.20. Guessing I will pay the activation fee but will still be paying less than Verizon even if is $.01.
So what I have learned today is Verizon still has 2 year contracts with payment plans:thinking:.


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