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Root [Verizon] Anyone used stump root and see their phone slow down?


Mar 26, 2011

Question: has anyone noticed a considerable slow down/laggy phone after using stump root? I have...

This is my 2nd or 3rd G2, so I am pretty familiar with the behavior and feel of this phone. I got it (remanufactured, from Asurion via insurance) after my last one cracked. So: I got the new phone, immediately updated to software version 26A, then rooted using stump root. Now, after using the phone for a couple of weeks, I have decided that this phone is quite laggy and sluggish -- definitely not what a snappy G2 should be. Same apps and settings and configuration as my last G2s.

So-- do you think its the phone itself? Or have others seen a slow-down after using Stump to root?

(Edit: this is the first time I've rooted using stump. I've only done manual root or ioroot to root my past G2s).


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